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Established in 1996, Emergence Consulting Group is a trusted banking and financial consultancy. It was licensed by The Central Bank of UAE till 2014 and has since evolved as a foreign contract brokerage and advisory. Our management and advisory services cover the wide spectrum of investment industry including international commodities.

Our professional team of consultant and management advisors are backed with decades of experience in banking and financial industry.

We constantly strive to identify most suitable products and investment strategies to deliver solution aligned with the customer’s personalized financial goals. If you are looking for sound advice, Emergence Consulting Group’s team of advisors can help you. As professional investment adviser, Emergence Consulting Group offers clear advice on the most appropriate financial products for your needs.

At Emergence Consulting Group our aim is to ensure that you have the best possible solution when planning your financial future. With personal customization in areas of customer’s interest, Emergence Consulting Group offers services of varied International Financial Service Providers.
Emergence Consulting Group’s relationship team is well geared to understand individual needs and customizing them in line with the objectives.


our advantages


Our investment approach is team based. All of the strategies are guided by our Investment Committee which seeks to invest in high quality, compelling companies that have strong balance sheets with proven sustainable earnings and dividend growth.

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Investment Management, we realize the importance of safety of capital to our clients and thus have taken every precaution to ensure their investments are protected. The most important means of protecting a client’s investments is to have a third party custodian hold them, who in turn segregates the investments from their own assets.

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One of Emergence Consulting Group’s core values is to ensure our clients are kept well informed on market activity and investing in general. We believe it is important for investors to go beyond the media headlines that so often represent “market noise” and not sound investing.

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Just like you, we want to manage our growth in keeping with our principles. That’s why every portfolio management company that’s become part of the Bellwether family since 2010 was selected with the same values-oriented strategic mindset that we use to manage your investments. We looked for experienced teams that were committed to preserving their clients’ capital and had rigorous controls to protect their clients’ interests.